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Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game Jibanyan and Walkappa Starter Pack

Ages: AGES 6+
Item: B94790000

Product Description:

In the world of Yo-kai, mysterious beings are responsible for making all kinds of strange things happen during the day. Spill a drink, lose a sock, or have a silly argument with a friend? It's probably because of a Yo-kai! Collect, battle, and trade favorite Yo-Kai Watch characters with this Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game Jibanyan and Walkappa Starter Pack. Now beginner players as young as 6 can get in on the Yo-kai Watch action. The ready-to-play deck has what one needs to start, and the rules explain how to play the trading card game step by step. This pack also features 2 exclusive Yo-kai Medals. Kids can have a blast playing, collecting, and trading the Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game (Additional cards sold separately.)

Includes 1 premade 40-card starter deck (24 common, 14 uncommon, 2 foils), 2 info cards, playmat, 2 Yo-kai Medals, and game rules.

• Great game for kids
• Includes 2-player playmat
• Includes 2 exclusive Yo-kai medals
• Easy and fun to play
• Features 40-card starter deck

• Ages 6 and up
• For 2 players

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