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Yo-kai Watch Medal Moments Hidabat

Ages: AGES 4+
Item: C0464AS00

Product Description:

In the world of Yo-kai . . . characters sometimes have those days where nothing goes right. They lose their keys. Their pants fall down. They fart in a crowded elevator! Chances are, a Yo-kai is to blame. They're everywhere, causing daily annoyances, and they're invisible except to the characters who have befriended them. Hidabat will make you a shut-in that fears going outside. Hidabat is better at inspiriting modern city dwellers.

Bring home the hilarious personality of the characters from the animated series with the Yo-kai Medal Moments figures (Figures each sold separately, subject to availability). Each figure includes a Yo-kai Medal.

There are three ways to play with every Yo-Motion Medal:
1. Imagine summoning Yo-kai with the Yo-kai Watch! Insert a Yo-Motion medal into the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero watch to see an animation of that Yo-kai and hear the character's name and other sounds! (Watch and medals each sold separately, subject to availability.) Most medals also play a tribe song.
2. Discover the wacky world of the Yo-kai by scanning the Yo-Motion Medal with the Yo-kai Watch Land app.
3. Collect and store Yo-Motion Medals in the Yo-kai Medallium Collection Book. Learn more about each character with the Medallium Collection Book Pages and organize your collection! (book, pages and medals each sold separately, subject to availability).

Includes figure and medal.

• Fun, collectible figure
• Each Medal Moments figure holds its medal in a different way
• Medal shows a Yo-kai character

Figure scale: 2.5 inches

• Ages 4 and up.
• Download required for app play. App 6+. Ask a parent. App available at least through 12/31/2018. Not available in all languages/countries. Charges may apply. Yo-kai Watch Land app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and select Android devices. Updates may affect compatibility. Check for compatibility, availability and instructions. Ask a parent before going online.

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