Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave Figure

Ages: AGES 8+
Item: B0770

Product Description:

Those born in the Year of the Goat are calm, dependable, and like being in groups. Devoted to their beliefs, Goats won't hesitate to defend their opinions. Goats will often create groups to care for. They live life as if it were a form of art.

One sees those qualities in Soundwave, whose group of cassette spies is one of the most feared Decepticon units. The logical signal-stealer has proven one of the few allies Megatron can trust. But beneath his calm exterior lies a maze of circuits buzzing at peak efficiency, processing thousands of terabytes of incoming data in a single nanoklik. To Soundwave, the crackling static of an encrypted transmission is like music to his audio processors.

Celebrate the Year of the Goat with this super-spying Soundwave figure! This Decepticon signal-stealer comes with his nefarious cassette allies: Decepticon Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ravage and Decepticon Rumble. The 4 Quake Hammers make this bunch a Decepticon force to fear!

Includes Soundwave figure, Decepticon Frenzy figure, Buzzsaw figure, Laserbeak figure, Ravage figure, Decepticon Rumble figure, 4 Quake Hammers, 5 cassette cases, and 5 accessories.

• Platinum Edition Soundwave figure
• Figure comes with Decepticon Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ravage and Decepticon Rumble cassette figures
• 5 cassette cases
• Includes 4 Quake Hammers
• Converts in 27 steps

• Ages 8 and up
• Includes 2 "A76" batteries.

Manufactured under license from TOMY Company, Ltd.
© 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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