Snake Oil Game

Ages: AGES 10+
Item: C0900

Product Description:

Players put their charm, quick thinking, and persuasive personality to the test with the creative and hilarious Snake Oil game. One player is the “customer,” and the rest of the players are ""salesmen"" trying to convince the customer to purchase their product over the others. The products to sell are made by combining two of the Word cards, and players have to gear their sales pitch to the customer's character. Selling a snow machine to a caveman would be quite different from selling one to a rock star! Lie, fib, and make up some ridiculous stories in order to collect the most Customer cards. After each player has been the customer once, the player with the most Customer cards wins!

Includes 336 Word cards, 28 Customer cards (56 Customers), and instructions.

• Fun party game
• Customer profile changes according to card that's picked
• Players persuade the customer that their item is best

• Ages 10 and up
• 3 to 10 Players

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