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Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Arctic Rescue Boulder

Ages: AGES 3-7
Item: C0333

Product Description:

Will Windchill the Yeti-Bot stop Boulder the Construction-Bot from saving the day? Imagine snowy adventures with Arctic Rescue Boulder! Sized right for little hands, this set features Boulder the Construction-Bot, Graham Burns, and 2-piece Windchill the Yeti-Bot figures. Kids can create multiple combinations! Boulder the Construction-Bot converts from bot mode to snow plow mode and back. Attach the drill to Boulder the Construction-Bot in snow plow mode, and press a button to make the drill spin. Young heroes can create a Windchill the Yeti-Bot figure, attach the removable Windchill the Yeti-Bot arms to the Graham Burns figure, and more! Robots and humans saving the day, working together the Rescue Bots way!

• Includes Boulder the Construction-Bot and Graham Burns figures, and Windchill the Yeti-Bot figure with 2 removable arms.

• Featuring Boulder the Construction-Bot, Graham Burns, and Windchill the Yeti-Bot figures
• Boulder the Construction-Bot figure converts from bot mode to snow plow mode and back
• Multiple combinations, including a Yeti
• Drill spins
• Easy 2 Do conversion for little hands
• Action figure scale: 2.5 inches

• Ages 3 to 7

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