Play-Doh Makin' Mayhem Set Featuring Despicable Me Minions

Ages: 3+
Item: B0498

Product Description:

Shape your own custom Minions with all kinds of silly disguises! Toss some Play-Doh compound into 1 of the 3 book-molds to shape a basic Minion - your choice of 1 eye, 2 eyes, and evil, of course. Next, disguise and customize with 6 different accessory plates including maid, golf, and fireman accessories. Try different colors and combinations to make the silliest, most unique Minions ever! What kinds of mischievous Minions will you create?

Create your own multitude of mischievous Minions
3 book-molds to shape 1-eyed, 2-eyed, and evil Minions
Disguise and customize with 6 half-mold accessory plates
Accessory plates feature themes such as maid, golf, and fireman
Banana cutter and 3 stampers add even more silly fun.

Ages 3+

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