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Blazing Team Metal Max Tornado Yo-Yo

Ages: AGES 8+
Item: B7505
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Product Description:

Work to find inner balance and unleash the powers of light and darkness with Blazing Team! Based on the popular Blazing Team TV show, Blazing Team toys let kids become their own masters of Yo Kwon Do, practicing exciting tricks and spinning their skills into action.

Kids can continue their training with the Metal Max Tornado toy that lets kids practice tricks and spins! The Metal Max Tornado toy’s metal construction allows for high-performance tricks and faster, smoother moves. With multi-surface, 360-degree action, the Metal Max Tornado toy gives Blazing Team trainees countless opportunities to expand their skills and bring their Yo Kwon Do expertise to a whole new level!

• Includes 1 toy.
• Metal construction for faster, smoother tricks
• 360-degree spin action
• Spins on multiple surfaces, including the palm of the hand

• Ages 8 and up

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