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Welcome to the world of Yo-kai Watch, where Yo-kai are everywhere! In this world, Yo-kai are responsible for strange things happening and are even the ones behind daily annoyances, like missing a sock in the dryer! There are over 200 Yo-kai! Each one has their own Yo-kai medal, which they give as a symbol of their friendship! 


In the Yo-kai Watch Land app you can collect and virtually register Yo-kai toy medals, learn more about each Yo-kai in the wiki, take a picture in the virtual photo booth or play one of the three virtual arcade games with your favorite Yo-kai!


What is there to do in the Yo-kai Land app?

- Take a picture with your favorite Yo-kai in the PHOTOBOOTH!

- Scan your Yo-kai toy medal to see the Yo-kai come to life on your mobile device in the app’s BEFRIEND ZONE!  

- Scan and register the back of your medal to unlock features!

- Learn more about each Yo-kai in the Yo-kai WIKI!


 - Try out the virtual ARCADE games:

  • MANJI-MESS, a fun pinball style game where virtual Yo-Kai characters can help you play!
  • Help your virtual Yo-kai roll out of a giant Capsule Machine in CAPSULE ESCAPE.
  • Guide Robonyan’s virtual robo-arm to gather cocoa and make Chocolate Bars in ROBO CHOCO.



When you scan Yo-kai Watch toy medals into the Yo-kai Land app:

- Lay your toy medal on a table and line up the device so the medal fits into the camera space.

- Make sure the camera is pointing straight at the toy medal.

- Keep the mobile device steady as the camera attempts to capture the image of the toy medal.

- Try to avoid lighting conditions that blur or obscure the image of the toy medal.

- Slowly move the mobile device away from the toy until it is in focus (some devices allow "tapping" the screen to focus).



iOS 8+

iPhone 5+

iPad 3+

iPod Touch 5

This app supports these devices running Android 4.4:

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Motorola Moto G

Xiaomi M4

The Yo-Kai Watch Land App is subject to the app user agreement and privacy policy. Check the app description on the applicable app store and the user agreement for details. Make sure your device supports this app before downloading. Other devices may be compatible but are not supported. Updates affect compatibility.



The game requires an internet connection (3G or WiFi) for download and updates. Kids, ask a parent first before downloading.

The Yo-kai Watch app is subject to the applicable app store terms and conditions. Compatible with Yo-kai Watch medals manufactured by Hasbro (each sold separately). Not compatible with prior Yo-kai Watch apps or Yo-kai Watch products. Yo-kai Watch toy medal availability varies by region.


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