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Enter the supercomputer VECTOR SIGMA and learn about the TRANSFORMERS characters by reading bios, watching TRANSFORMERS videos and exploring the TRANSFORMERS timeline.
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  • Allspark


    An ancient cosmic artifact of unknown origin capable of creating mechanical life of all types. The ALLSPARK also has the ability to alter its size and shape and is sometimes referred to as THE CUBE or ALLSPARK CUBE.

  • Alternate Mode


    The secondary operating mode of a TRANSFORMERS character, generally in the form of a vehicle or other mechanical device. An ALTERNATE MODE of a TRANSFORMER can provide stealth, increased firepower, enhanced mobility or other useful capabilities.

  • Autobots


    Led by the courageous OPTIMUS PRIME, the heroic AUTOBOTS are the sworn protectors of the planet CYBERTRON. For countless eons they have dedicated their existence to ensuring that the legendary ALLSPARK never falls within the grasp of the villainous DECEPTICONS.

  • Battle of Giza


    Home to the Great Pyramids of GIZA, SAM WITWICKY discovered the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP hidden nearby in ancient ruins.  The AUTOBOTS assisted by NEST agents held off the DECEPTICONS while SAM used the power of the MATRIX to re-activate OPTIMUS PRIME.

  • Constructicon


    A group of DECEPTICONS who are able to merge their bodies and combine into the giant TRANSFORMER known as DEVASTATOR.  The more CONSTRUCTICONS available to merge, the larger DEVASTATOR can become.

  • Cybertron


    DARK ENERGON is the fossilized blood of the CHAOS BRINGER UNICRON. An ancient TRANSFORMER whose existence has now passed into myth. Having found Earth rich with DARK ENERGON, MEGATRON discovers the dormant spark of UNICRON does exist and is buried deep within the Earth's core. As UNICRON awakens, the Earth will be torn apart and only by working together can MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME deactivate UNICRON. Battling their way to the planet's core, OPTIMUS PRIME unleashes the power of the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP. Using the power of the ancients held within the MATRIX, UNICRON'S spark goes dormant once again. However, OPTIMUS PRIME's accumulated knowledge as a Prime has also been dispersed reverting his mind back into his former self ORION PAX.

  • Decepticons


    Under the command of the tyrannical MEGATRON, the evil DECEPTICONS have waged war on the planet CYBERTRON for countless ages. They will never rest until every AUTOBOT has been vanquished and the power of the ALLSPARK is theirs to control once and for all.

  • Drones


    DECEPTICON scouts specifically designed for tasks such as salvage, reconnaissance and infiltration. They are often teasingly referred to as SCRAP DRONES by their larger DECEPTICON brethren due to their small size and lack of firepower.

  • Energon


    The primary energy source of the ALLSPARK and the lifeblood that powers the TRANSFORMERS. It is extremely rare in large quantities, but can be produced by using an ancient machine known as a SUN HARVESTER.

  • Hatchlings


    The earliest developmental stage of TRANSFORMER life, HATCHLINGS are small, unprogrammed PROTOFORMS that are nurtured in a specialized cocoon until there is enough ENERGON to fully activate them.

  • Matrix of Leadership


    The MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP is an ancient artifact dating back to the time of the Original Thirteen PRIMES. Nearly as powerful as the ALLSPARK itself, the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP is both the symbol of the authority of the Dynasty of the PRIMES and serves as the key to the SOLAR HARVESTER THE FALLEN attempted to use to drain Earth's sun of its energy. OPTIMUS PRIME is the current bearer of the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP, having taken it from THE FALLEN during the BATTLE OF GIZA.

  • Nest


    All official operations sanctioned by the United States military and worked with the cooperation of AUTOBOT forces are managed through the offices of NEST, the Networked Elements: Supporters and TRANSFORMERs unit. Answerable to the Pentagon, NEST utilizes human and AUTOBOT resources to protect mankind against DECEPTICON incursion.

  • The Nemesis


    A legendary DECEPTICON warship once commanded by the FALLEN, eons ago. Its present whereabouts remain unknown to the AUTOBOTS.

  • Prime


    PRIME is a title passed down through the generations. It designates the leader of the AUTOBOTS and the right to bear the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP. Being a PRIME signifies having to defend the rights of all sentient beings. PRIMES are great leaders with superior strength and fighting abilities.

  • Protoforms


    The core robot form of a TRANSFORMER, prior to being encoded with an ALTERNATE MODE.

  • Sam Witwicky


    The AUTOBOTS' first and greatest human ally. Through him the AUTOBOTS gain perspective on mankind as a whole. SAM was directly responsible for MEGATRON's defeat in Mission City and OPTIMUS PRIME's resurrection in GIZA. He is the only human to have direct exposure to the ALLSPARK and the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP.

  • Seekers


    Ancient and specially powered minions of THE FALLEN, including the former DECEPTICON known as JETFIRE. These TRANSFORMERS were granted spatial teleportation abilities to aid in their quest for the MATRIX.

  • Spacebridge


    A temporary gateway created by the ancient CYBERTRONIAN technology that allows a TRANSFORMER to instantly transport themselves and others from one point to another.

  • Star Harvester


    A mysterious machine of great power created long ago by the original PRIMES. Powered by the MATRIX, the STAR HARVESTER is able to create massive quantities of ENERGON by draining a sun's energy.

  • Stasis Lock


    This form of long-term shutdown is a defense mechanism to allow a TRANSFORMER to survive and slowly repair itself following catastrophic injury and/or lack of ENERGON.

  • Trans-scanning


    The process by which a TRANSFORMER analyzes nearby technology ) including vehicles, equipment and more) and duplicate its physical properties. Once the scan is complete, the TRANSFORMER is able to convert into the object or device scanned.

Autobot reconnaissance positions
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