Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster

Ages : 8 years and up
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Product Description:

Who says you can't look fabulous while you launch a sneak attack? Arm yourself with the stylish power of the Pink Crush blaster! The blaster can hurl darts at targets up to 75 feet away. When the action calls for it, convert your blaster to a crossbow with the included crossbow arm! You can team up with a friend or go it alone, but either way you're armed for action with the Pink Crush blaster!
Pink Crush blaster fires darts up to 75 feet! 2-in-1 blaster! Convert the blaster to a crossbow with the crossbow arm! Includes 4 darts.
Blaster comes with crossbow attachment and 4 darts.
CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face. TO AVOID INJURY: Do not modify darts.
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