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The BOTS & ROBBERS POLICE HEADQUARTERS playset isn’t just a police station – it hides a robot in disguise! You’ll have all the adventure you want with a vault that your crook figure can sneak into and a jail to throw him in when your Chase the Police-Bot vehicle tracks him down. The rescue sirens and alarms add to the crime-busting action! Whether it’s ordinary thieving or a major heist, your Chase the Police-Bot vehicle is on the case to put your crook figure behind bars!

2-in-1 BOTS & ROBBERS POLICE HEADQUARTERS playset is both a police station and a robot in disguise! Flip Chase the Police-Bot down to put him in vehicle mode, then push him to roll out! Put Chase back in the playset and lift the lever to put him back in robot mode. Lights and sounds! Push the lever to let your crook figure into the vault through the trap door! Press the button to open the vault and the vault alarm activates! Jail cell door opens so you can throw your crook figure in lockdown! Playset includes Chase the Police-Bot vehicle and crook figure.

Requires 3 "AA" batteries (demo batteries included).

Ages 3 to 6 years.

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$29.99 Approx. Retail

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