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For kids 9 months+
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One day he’s walking, the next day he’s riding and with a little help from you, he’ll be jamming to great music the whole time. This toy converts easily from a walker to a ride-on and makes music with every step and scoot. He makes the music happen by pushing or scooting, and the music will keep him going and grooving. The best part is that the tunes are ones you’ll recognize like – "I Like To Move It," "Walkin’ on the Sun," "Life Is a Highway" and "Ticket To Ride"! We digitally re-recorded the tunes and made them kid friendly, but kept the core the same so you’ll be rocking along with him.

This toy also helps encourage development of
• Fine Motor Skills
• Cognitive Learning
• Sensory Development

WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY: Continuous adult supervision required.

Fine Motor Skills Grasps and manages toy with hands
Gross Motor Skills Walk and rides on the toy
Cognitive Learning Explores the toy's "cause and effect" action of riding to make the music continuously play
Sensory Development Responds to the toy's stimulating sights and sounds

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