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Within Every Kid Lies a Hero


Endless Possibilities


Everything starts with play

Ages 2-3 Years

She's testing her muscles as she runs, climbs and plays. By repetition, she's learning tasks and language.


What's Fun and Fascinating?

Role Play

Kids love to act like grown-ups and express the words and phrases they’re learning.


Playsets are a great platform to help kids bring their favorite characters and figures to life.

Learning Toys

Learning is more fun with toys that excite their little minds to concentrate, focus, - and recall objects, pictures and shapes.

Powered Up Toys

Those little hands love to hold objects and push buttons to activate sounds, music and lights. 

Play Benefits

Fine Motor Skills:
Gaining dexterity and control with grasping, opening and closing, basic pincer grip, pushing, poking, squeezing, and patting.
Cognitive Learning:
Interacting with simple learning toys, recalling past evens, concentrating and focusing on tasks, with a clear understanding of cause and effect.
Sensory Development:
Experiencing musical sounds, volumes, and melodies.
Social & Emotional Development:
Beginning to recognize symbolic connections for learning reference engaging in more complex pretend play
Speech & Language
Using 4 & 5 word sentences, beginning to understand purpose of numbers.