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Within Every Kid Lies a Hero


Endless Possibilities


Everything starts with play

Ages 1-2 Years

He's a mobile information sponge - absorbing as much as he can while exploring the world around him.


What's Fun and Fascinating?

Ride Ons

Kids love a ride that’s just their size and easy to mount. It’s a bonus when it also has sounds and bright colors!

Dolls and Plush Toys

Their favorite cuddly pal is now also a part of the fun as little ones start to enjoy simple, pretend play.

Musical Instruments

Music and exciting sounds encourage kids to use their senses as they explore their world!


Little ones love lightweight blocks that help them explore and excite their curious minds.

Play Benefits

Fine Motor Skills:
Gaining more dexterity in their grasp practicing pushing, pulling, grasping buttons and activators and coordination for stacking.
Gross Motor Skills:
Increasing mobility through climbing, scooting, crawling, cruising, walking, and initial carrying
Sensory Development:
Exploring manually and orally experiencing textures, bright colors, sounds, and lights.
Social & Emotional Development:
Engaging in very simple imitative & pretend play
Pretending one object is another
Cognitive Learning:
Understanding a clear cause & effect relationship. Beginning to solve problems through trial and error.
Beginning to explore creative expression through scribbling and banging