Top 3 Reasons to Love Ball Play!

Gill Connell


When there’s a ball around to play with, there’s fun to be had. Balls seem to be like a magnet to most children - mostly for the pure and simple fun and action they provide. Not only does ball play teach your child many important skills that will help her both on and off the sports field, early ball handling experiences can develop skills that are necessary for survival in life.


Here are some benefits of Ball Play that you may not have known:


Anticipation & Prediction: - Figuring out which way will the ball rolls or bounces relies on your child having many of different experiences with different shaped, sized and textured balls. As children love doing things over and over, your child will begin to see patterns emerging - like what direction the ball may be travelling in; how far it may roam; and of course how high it may bounce. Over time and lots of giggles later, the beginnings of predicting the trajectory and direction will become more intuitive. Our intuitive sense develops with fun play experiences like this.


Timing: How fast is that car travelling? Will I have time to cross the street? When you’re little, judging how fast the ball is travelling; when to have his arms ready to catch; and having enough time to prepare to strike the ball while its moving are all early forms of learning to develop our sense of timing. And, of course the more practice, (at first with a bigger ball and slower trajectory), can make that achievable – providing he remembers to keep his eyes open!!!


Force: When throwing and kicking we take for granted how much muscle strength is needed to hit, kick or throw. This isn’t something you guess about. It is carefully estimated by your “proprioceptive” sense and is developed over time through trial and error. If you don’t kick the ball with enough force to make it in to the goal, we learn to adjust the amount of force we will need next time. Judging how much strength to use helps in all manner of life experiences like judging how much force to use when pouring a glass of milk to writing with a pencil. Push too hard and the led will break!