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Within Every Kid Lies a Hero


Enjoy the fun!


Endless Possibilities


Everything starts with play

Age 0-12 months

In his first year, playtime builds the foundations for learning. Every new sensation delights him as he opens his eyes to the world.


What's Fun and Fascinating?

Ball Play

Kids love balls! They especially love balls that are small enough to grasp, are lightweight and have vibrant colors.

Push and Pull Toys

Pushing, pulling and turning are activities that get kids moving...And we know how much they love to move!

Dolls and Plush Toys

Little ones love soft, cuddly friends that they can easily grasp and lift.

Musical Instruments

We know kids love to make noise, but they enjoy music too! It may sound just like noise but it’s actually music! All that banging leads to making singing sounds and can even imitate sounds & sound sequences.

Play Benefits

Gross Motor Skills:
Increasing mobility through climbing, scooting, crawling, standing, cruising  and initial walking, lifting and holding
Fine Motor Skills:
Practicing grasping, pushing, pulling, squeezing, patting, turning, poking & shaking
Cognitive Learning:
Beginning to understand cause & effect
Sensory Development:
Exploring objects manually through experiencing sounds, multi-sensory elements and textures