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Within Every Kid Lies a Hero


Enjoy the fun!


Endless Possibilities


Everything starts with play

Ages 3+ Years

He's learning how to play and share with others. Pretending and playing catch are his favorite things to do.


What's Fun and Fascinating?

Vehicle Toys

Kids love lightweight vehicles that are easy to manipulate. They extend the play time, and vehicle play is a great activity with friends!


Their imaginations are bubbling with stories and they love to see them come to life in playsets!

Characters and Figures

Kids love to make silly faces and voices. Characters and figures are a great way to express this silly fun!

Arts & Crafts

All children are naturally creative… They just need a few tools to get them going!

Play Benefits

Fine Motor Skills:
Positioning and repositioning small pieces, manipulating vehicles and small pieces
Gross Motor Skills
Gaining dexterity in their active play
Cognitive Learning:
Understanding cause and effect, more complex problem-solving capabilities.
Sensory Development:
Experiencing vibrant, colors, textures and sounds.
Social & Emotional Development:
Developing richer symbolic meanings, having extensive social and cooperative friend interactions. Partnering in group interactions.
Engaging in imaginative character play.
Making art that begins to resemble what it is meant to represent.