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    Product Description:

    Launch an all-out assault with the motorized STAMPEDE ECS blaster! Unleash a storm of darts from the extended 18-dart clip, and reload in a hurry with three spares. Attach your blast shield to your tactical rail to deflect incoming “fire” while your pop-out bipod ensures blaster stability when you’ve found a position you want to maintain. You and your blaster are sure to dominate any battle you encounter!
    Blaster comes with blast shield accessory, 3 18-dart extended clips, 1 6-dart Quick-Reload clip with 60 Clip System darts, pop-out biped and instructions. Special Value Pack includes 40 more Clip System darts.
    Requires 6 “D” batteries. (Not included).
    /!\ CAUTION: Do NOT at aim at eyes or face.
    TO AVOID INJURY: Do not modify darts or dart blaster.
    Ages 8 and up.

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