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    Product Description:

    Lights out! Game on! This awesome FIREVISION Sports Flyer has unique Microprism Technology that lets you sail it through the air for hours with blazing energy and a bright glow with no charging. Your FIREVISION frames will let you see the disc’s light where nobody else will! Whether you’re slamming through a hardcore game or scrimmaging with a friend, you’ll be at the top of your game with the FIREVISION Sports Flyer and activation frames!

    Includes 4 button-cell batteries.

    Flyer comes with 1 pair of FIREVISION Frames and instructions.

    Ages 6 and up.

    NOTE: Not for play in complete darkness. Know your surroundings and clear the area of obstructions before each use.

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    CAUTION: Discontinue use if reflective material begins to separate.

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