Marvel Universe

Item : 26725


Approx. Retail $14.99 Where To Buy
Ages : 5 YEARS & UP

Product Description:

Strike a blow for truth and justice SPIDER-MAN style with the Rapid-Fire Web Shooter! Attach the Web Shooter to your wrist and you’ll be able to blast web missiles at targets up to 15 feet away with moves just like your favorite web-crawling hero. Use your middle two fingers to trigger the shooter just like SPIDER-MAN does! Load up the shooter with all 5 missiles and rapidly fire them at your target. Evil doesn’t stand a chance when you’ve got your Rapid-Fire Web Shooter!

Web shooter comes with 5 web missiles and instructions.

Ages 5 and up.

/!\ CAUTION: Do not at aim at eyes or face.
TO AVOID INJURY: Use only missles designed for this product. Do not modify missles or shooter.