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MARVEL Super Hero Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES Crime-Cruising Car with SPIDER-MAN & HULK

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Ages: 3 to 6 years
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Product Description:

With your little hero in charge, these Spider-Man and Hulk figures can quickly battle evil in their Crime Cruising Car! Just put them in their seats and push bumper to convert car to zippy hovercraft! Launch the “rockets” if the team needs more firepower!

This toy also helps encourage development of Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Social & Emotional Development, Imagination and Cognitive Learning.

For kids 3-6 years

Fine Motor Skills Manipulates toy with hands
Gross Motor Skills Engages in active play
Social & Emotional Development Practices socialization as character and with character
Imagination Engages in imaginative character play with toy
Cognitive Learning Anticipates and predicts actions of toy, and solves problems when activating toy functions