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Item : 98855

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Comic Series Venom City Strike Set

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Ages : 4 YEARS & UP

Product Description:

It’s time for the ultimate rooftop rumble between SPIDER-MAN and his arch-rival VENOM, and this Venom City Strike Set lets you enact that battle over and over again! Your SPIDER-MAN figure is ready to use his grappling hook to climb up and take on your VENOM figure, but he’ll have a lot on his hands when his enemy attacks with his crushing snap-jaw. So it’s a good thing you also get a special SPIDER-MAN figure with a glow-in-the-dark spider suit! Pit your figures against each other for the ultimate web-slinging showdown!

Venom City Strike set has 2 SPIDER-MAN figures and 1 VENOM figure! Release grappling hook! Crushing snap-jaw! Special figure has a glow-in-the-dark spider suit!

Includes 3 figures and accessories.

Ages 4 and up.