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MARVEL Super Hero Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES Crime-Cruising Car with WOLVERINE & IRON MAN Set

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Ages : 3 to 6 years

Product Description:

Not even the craftiest criminal can outrun WOLVERINE and IRON MAN as they race the streets in their Crime-Cruising Car!

What’s better than the ultimate hero figure team-up of WOLVERINE and IRON MAN? The two together in the ultimate cruising machine, the Crime-Cruising Car! When you put your hero figures inside, you’re on the road to true adventure! Their enemies are in double trouble, because these hero figures have what it takes to fight for good. But their speedy Crime-Cruising Car also has launching rockets, and when you pull on the bumper, it converts from a car to a hovercraft! Roll WOLVERINE and IRON MAN into their next big battle in the Crime-Cruising Car!

Vehicle comes with 2 figures and accessories.

Ages 3 to 6 years.