Bop It! Tetris Game

Ages : 8 years and up Item : A2013 Where To Buy

Product Description:

Get your Bop It! on with a Tetris twist! This electronic game unit challenges you to complete puzzles, but you have to slide, spin or slam to get the shapes to fall where you want them to. Can you turn the screen at the right time to line up a shape with an open space? Can you press the slam handle at the right moment to force a shape into a target screen? You can play Marathon or Pass It to practice by yourself or take on your friends! Do you have the Bop It! skills to take on Bop It! Tetris? There's only one way to find out!
Bop It! game challenges you to complete Tetris puzzles! Slide it! Spin it! Slam it! Choose your game: Marathon or Pass It! Practice by yourself or challenge your friends. Beat the puzzles to unlock more levels.
Game unit comes with instructions.
For 1 or more players. Requires 3 ""AA"" batteries (demo batteries included).
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