Furbish Dictionary

Furbish dictionary

English Furbish Listen
affirmative ee listen
again koh-koh listen
and koh listen
another koh-koh listen
ask oh-too-mah listen
baby bay-bee listen
bad boo-dah listen
be boh listen
beautiful / pretty ee-kah listen
big dah listen
big no / no way! dah-boo listen
big yes dah-ee-tah listen
bye / go bye-bye listen
change boo-tay listen
cloud ay-loh-may-lah listen
comparative tay listen
complete toh listen
dance noh-lah listen
diamond ay-koo listen
dizzy ay-way listen
do doo-dah listen
done toh-dye listen
down nah-bah listen
dream way-loo listen
dude dee-doh listen
English Furbish Listen
face kah-tay listen
feed / food ah-tah listen
finally oo-tah-toh-toh listen
friend / buddy noo-lah listen
full oo-loo listen
fun doo-ay listen
funny doo-loo listen
game doo-ay-loo-lah listen
genius dah-way listen
go / bye / get out! bye-bye listen
good ee-day listen
good morning dah-ay-loh-oo-tye listen
good night dah-ay-loh-nah-bah listen
happy noo-loo listen
have ah-mah listen
health / healthy koo-doh listen
help ah-noo listen
hide woo-bye listen
high oo-tah listen
hmm? doo? listen
home lay-lah listen
hug may-lah listen
huh? doo? listen
hungry / eat ay-tay listen
why / interrogative doo listen
island koo-wah listen
joke loo-loo listen
English Furbish Listen
kiss may-tah listen
life, nature, living things tee listen
light ay-loh listen
lightness ay listen
like toh-loo listen
like, similar to tay listen
listen ay-ay-lee-koo listen
little dee listen
live boh-dah listen
log tee-loh listen
look ay-ay listen
love may-may listen
me kah listen
me, mine, myself kah listen
money moo-lah listen
monster moh-moh listen
more koh-koh listen
mountain koo-dah listen
music ee-kah-lee-koo listen
no, negative, bad, stop boo listen
no boo listen
noo! dah-boo listen
noise bah-boo listen
now nee-way listen
oh oh listen
ok oh-kay listen
omg oh-kah-tee listen
over oo-bah listen
English Furbish Listen
party / party time dah-noh-lah listen
path bye-way listen
pet ah-may listen
play loo-lay listen
play, joke, humor loo listen
please wah-wee-tee listen
rain wah-wee-tee listen
rock boo-koo listen
sad boo-noo-loo listen
scared dah-boh-bay listen
sea ee-wah listen
shake koo-bah listen
sing wee-tee listen
sleep way-loh listen
smallness dee listen
so doh listen
song wah-tee listen
sound lee-koo listen
stand oo-boh listen
story wee-loo listen
sun dah-ay-loh listen
sweet! nee-may listen
talk noo-noo listen
tell wee-tah listen
thank doh-kah listen
thank you! dah-kah-oo-nye listen
thinking / mind way listen
tickle nee-tye listen
time toh-toh listen
to be boh listen
touching, holding ah listen
tough tay-boo-koo listen
tree tee-tah listen
twinkle tee-wee-lah listen
English Furbish Listen
uh-oh uh-oh listen
uncle oo-kah listen
up oo-tye listen
up, above, high oo listen
very mee-mee listen
wassup? doo-oo-tye? listen
water wah-tah listen
water / rain wah listen
what? / when? doo? listen
where are you? oo-nye-doo? listen
where? doo? listen
wise / wisely way-lah listen
wonder way-nah listen
worried boh-bay listen
yay yay listen
yea! wah! listen
yeah? doo? listen
yes ee-tay listen
you oo-nye listen

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