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G.I. JOE is the world’s greatest special-ops fighting force with top-secret ninja training from the toughest of masters. Led by ultimate ninja commando ROADBLOCK, these elite heroes defend the globe from the evil forces of COBRA.
Fight your way to protect the innocent and defeat the guilty with the G.I. JOE BATTLE-KATA BLASTER Toy! The adventures you imagine will sometimes call for a blade and sometimes for a blaster. This BATTLE-KATA BLASTER toy is a 2-in-1 battle combo! In blaster mode, fire the included darts when the battle calls for marksmanship. But when your enemies move in close, switch to blade mode! You’ll be double trouble for evil with the BATTLE-KATA BLASTER toy!
Includes blaster, blade, grip, 3 darts and instructions.
Ages 6 and up.

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CAUTION: Do not swing or jab at people or animals. Use away from breakable objects.