Playskool Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo Toy

Ages : 2 YEARS TO 4 YEARS Item : A7366
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Let's Imagine Elmo is trying on different fun hats, and he's inviting your little one to play, count, and sing along with him! Whether he's a counting cowboy, playful prince, singing sea captain, or just being himself, Elmo has 4 playful interactive modes with games, songs, and actions.
Elmo has his very own segment on Sesame Street called Elmo the Musical where he loves to pretend. With Let's Imagine Elmo, your little one can get in on some of his adventures! Each hat unlocks a different play mode for your child to join and start the fun! When your little one puts the crown on Elmo, he pretends to be Prince Elmo and plays a game of "Prince Elmo Says." Put on the cowboy hat, and Cowboy Elmo counts up to 20 with your child and then sings a reward song when they reach 20. The sea captain's hat lets Elmo imagine he's an ocean-going captain, and he'll start up a sounds-of-the-sea identification game. When Elmo isn't wearing a hat, he still loves to interact with your child by getting bounced, tickled, and having his nose squeezed!

• Elmo has 4 interactive play modes
• Interact with Elmo by tickling him, bouncing him, or squeezing his nose
• Elmo plays "Prince Elmo Says"
• Elmo counts up to 20 with your little one
• Elmo plays a sounds-of-the-sea identification game

Ages 2 and up

x4 1.5V AA alkaline batteries required. Only demo batteries are included
Includes Elmo, cowboy hat, sea captain's hat, crown, and instructions
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