MARVEL ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Power Webs Spider Strike Crossbow

Ages : 5 YEARS & UP Item : A1515
Approx. Retail $14.99

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Product Description:

Launch your own Spider Strike with this incredible Power Webs crossbow! You’ll feel like a well-armed version of your hero, SPIDER-MAN, as you fire web darts at targets up to 20 feet away! Pull back as far as you can for a long shot, and then fire your dart at evil! Is there any villain who can stand against the web-powered accuracy of your Spider Strike Crossbow?

Crossbow comes with 3 darts and instructions.

Ages 5 and up.

Adult assembly required. No tools needed.

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CAUTION: To Avoid Injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blasters.
CAUTION: Do NOT aim at eyes or face.