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The bow carried by Clint Barton is more than just a supremely advanced piece of technology. In his hands, it is the most accurate weapon in the world. Now you can imagine you are the world’s most incredible marksman with this mighty bow!
Become a master bowman like your favorite hero with the AVENGER’S HAWKEYE BOW toy! This long-range battle bow can launch your arrows up to 35 feet and give you the stealth you need to sneak up on your opponents! Just like a real hunting bow, the AVENGER’S HAWKEYE BOW has a targeting scope for a more accurate shot. Collapse the stock to make your bow more compact, and store the 3 included arrows on top of the bow. Practice your shooting and precision targeting with the AVENGER’S HAWKEYE BOW toy!
Bow comes with 3 foam arrows and instructions.
Ages 6 and up.
/!\ CAUTION: Do not at aim at eyes or face.
TO AVOID INJURY: Use only arrows designed for this product. Do not modify arrows or bow.

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