Iron Man Armor Tech Deluxe Figures

Ages : 4 & Up Item : 94221

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When Iron Man is up against a large group of powerful opponents, the Shockwave Mission armor comes into play. Powerful cyclotrons send a thunderous wave of force blasting out of the cannons.

Prepare to save the world, with a will of steel and a suit of “iron”! Throw your Iron Man Shockwave Mission figure right into the middle of the action — this hero has more than enough power to defeat any sinister opponents. When you’ve got the worst of the worst evil-doers in your sights, slide your figure’s “armor” into place and launch his three missile accessories to show them he really means business. There isn’t a bad guy in the world that can match the might of you and your Iron Man figure!

Figure comes with sliding “armor”, three launching missile accessories and display stand.

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