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Corporate Information

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Because Hasbro receives a large number of requests from people who wish to use Hasbro's Intellectual Properties/Products for a wide range of purposes (e.g.- as a prop in a movie or TV programme, for promotional purposes (i.e. for a business), for fundraising events (charities etc)), we require you to use this process:

1. First you will need to complete the <Request Form> with full details of your request.

2. Once completed your form will be submitted to the relevant personnel at Hasbro, who will review your request and advise you whether your request is approved and whether a commercial fee is involved.

3. If your request is approved, you will be required to sign Hasbro's consent letter agreeing to the terms for use of our intellectual property, otherwise such use will be unauthorised.

(a) No use of Hasbro's Intellectual Property or products is authorised unless you have received a letter from Hasbro authorising the use and have signed and returned this 'consent letter' agreeing to the terms of use.

(b) Please complete the Request Form carefully as this will become part of any 'consent letter' which is issued.

(c) Please note that we cannot guarantee to meet any deadlines you may have, but will endeavour to do so. Please allow 21 days.

<Click here to access the request form>