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Marvel Thor the Dark World Lightning Strike Hammer

Item: A4947

Ages: 5 years and up

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Product Description:

Take on the role of the bringer of lightning with this electronic Thor Lightning Strike Hammer! Villains will fear you when you swing this motion-activated hammer. The crackling lightning storm and crashing thunder sounds will make the action seem immortal! Imagine that you're unleashing the power of storms as you battle your enemies with the Lightning Strike Hammer!
Motion-activated Lightning Strike Hammer lets you take on the identity of your favorite superhero! Electronic hammer looks like the mighty hammer of Thor! Crackling lightning lights! Thunder-crash sounds!
Includes hammer.
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Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (demo batteries included). CAUTION: Do not hit or swing at people or animals. Use away from breakable objects. TO AVOID INJURY: Discontinue use if core is exposed.
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