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TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS Battle Game 3-Pack Assortment

Item: A2578

Ages: 5 years and up

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Product Description:

Build your collection for more TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS Battle Game action with these 3-packs of vehicles! Find out who will win the game when you crash your vehicles together! After you’ve mastered Basic Battle moves, try new tricks. Can your vehicle survive a demolition derby with your friends? Can you crash and jump your vehicle over his opponent so he lands on his feet? Crash and bash your way to BOT SHOTS victory!
Choose a power for one of your BOT SHOTS vehicles, then crash it into another for Basic Battle! The vehicle that converts to robot mode when the other doesn’t is the winner! If both vehicles convert, the vehicle with the highest power wins! Blaster beats Fist, Fist beats Sword and Sword beats Blaster. If neither vehicle converts, crash them all over again!
Each pack sold separately and includes 3 vehicles and instructions. Styles may vary.