Draw Something Party Game

Ages : 8 YEARS AND UP Item : A4605

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Product Description:

Draw the party together with the unscripted, spontaneous fun of one of the most popular social games from Zynga. The Draw Something Party game has a lightweight, illuminated tablet with click-and-clear technology. This not only provides fast and easy pass-and-play, but there is no paper to waste. Everyone can play at the same time, and enjoy the unpredictable and silly experience of this social party game.

Get ready for some laughs with this hilariously fun Draw Something Party game. Everyone can play at the same time because it's easy to see what's being drawn on the illuminated drawing tablet. The screen has a drawing surface that clears with just a click, and lets you move quickly from one drawing to the next. The timer, sounds and convenient card holder add to the spontaneity and excitement of this social party game. Choose a word on the card to draw, and if a team member shouts out the answer, your team wins coins. But if your team is too slow, the other team can steal and earn the coins. The first team to earn 15 coins wins the game!

Drawing Tablet, 100 Cards, Stylus, Card Box and Game Guide.

Fun for everyone -- no matter your drawing skills
Based on Draw Something, the amazingly popular mobile app
Clear the screen easily with no paper waste or clean-up
Attached to tablet for easy access, card after card
The social drawing game where everyone plays simultaneously

Ages 8 and up

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