MARVEL IRON MAN 3 TITAN HERO SERIES Avengers Initiative Classic Series Air Attack IRON MAN Figure

Ages : 4 years and up Item : A2513

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Product Description:

IRON MAN battles evil with the world’s most powerful technology! His high-altitude Air Attack armor packs firepower surpassing the most advanced fighter planes. Bad guys are about to get blasted with an all-out assault from above!
Super-size your super hero adventures with this incredible TITAN HERO SERIES Air Attack IRON MAN figure! This 12-inch armored IRON MAN is ready to open up a large-sized attack on the foes of justice everywhere. He comes with powerful armor you can take off and put back on! His missile launcher and 2 launching missiles give him the firepower he needs whether he’s battling on the ground or plummeting toward his enemies. With him at your side, there’s no telling where your adventures will take you!
Figure comes with detachable armor and 2 missiles.

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