Trivial Pursuit Hints Game

Ages: 12 YEARS & UP
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It's a whole different way to play the Trivial Pursuit game. The Trivial Pursuit Hints game is an electronic, hand-held party game that you can play anytime, anywhere with your friends and family. Now you get 3 helpful hints to help you guess each answer. But watch out! The more hints you use, the less points your team will score. Can you guess the answer on the first hint for the most points, or will you need to get another one? The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Trivia With Hints to Help:
The Trivial Pursuit Hints game is an awesome pass and party game that offers a whole different way to play. It comes with tons of interesting trivia relating to lots of today's hottest topics, and now you get 3 hints to help you guess each answer. Guess on the first hint for maximum points, or take another hint if you're not sure. The game includes 3000 hints, and takes less time to play than previous versions, so there are plenty of party-fun hours to be had.
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Fast Play Party Game:
Get the party started instantly with the Trivial Pursuit Hints game. Divide into teams, and try to guess as many answers as you can in 2 minutes. It's easy to set up, and quick to play. Each team will receive up to 3 hints to help guess the answer. You'll get the maximum number of points if you guess on the first hint. Score big by using as few hints as possible. Your team's turn is over when the timer runs out. The unit will display the current score for both teams. The team with the highest score after 3 turns wins the game.
A New Twist in the Trivial Pursuit Game:
Even if you have played the Trivial Pursuit game before, this electronic version with the hand-held game unit is a whole different experience. This fast-paced game is super-quick to set up, easy to play, and has auto scoring. The hints will help you show off your trivia knowledge about all kinds of topics and interests. So get your teams together and have fun!
Includes game unit and instructions.
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- Electronic hand-held unit
- Easy to play
- Hints help you answer questions
- Quick to start
- Fast-paced play
• Ages 12 and up
• For 2 teams
• Requires 3 1.5V "AAA" batteries (not included)

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