Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
Item: A0196
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Unleash your wall-crawling hero’s coolest moves and most heroic web-battling stunts with the Catapult Attack! The Catapult Attack uses the power of webs to blast, spring, launch, and send your SPIDER-MAN figure soaring into amazing battle action. Load your SPIDER-MAN figure onto the Catapult and pull it back, then let it go to launch your SPIDER-MAN figure at your THE LIZARD figure! When he hits the target wall, he sticks there just like SPIDER-MAN! In the heat of battle, blast with the power of webs with the Catapult Attack!

Far-launching Catapult Attack! Load your SPIDER-MAN figure on the Catapult and pull it back to launch him at the target wall or your THE LIZARD figure! Includes SPIDER-MAN figure and THE LIZARD figure. Your SPIDER-MAN figure sticks to the target wall.

Includes launching catapult, target wall, SPIDER-MAN figure, THE LIZARD figure, and 2 stretchy webs.

Ages 4 and up.

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