THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Flip and Attack Cyber Lizard

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
Item: 37318
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What’s more powerful and unpredictable than the web-slinging hero’s arch-nemesis? It’s the Flip and Attack Cyber Lizard! One minute it’s a speedy vehicle for the forces of evil, and the next minute it converts to a powerful armored attack bot! The Flip and Attack Cyber Lizard uses TRANSFORMERS technology to convert from vehicle mode to bot mode and back again so it’s a double threat to innocent bystanders everywhere. In vehicle mode, pull back and let go to make the Cyber Lizard charge into the fray! The vehicle automatically converts in an instant to bot mode, so your powerful Cyber Lizard bot will be ready to take on whatever comes at him!

Includes 1 converting vehicle.

Ages 4 and up.

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