Star Wars The Clone Wars Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
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A Delta-7B starfighter is one of the ships flown by Jedi Master Plo Koon during the Clone Wars. Jedi starfighters are modified throughout the conflict to adapt them to changing needs. The Delta-7B’s chief modification is a centralized socket that can hold a separate astromech droid. Plo Koon flies a Delta-7B fighter during the mission to destroy the Separatist warship Malevolence.
Launch yourself into action with this awesome Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter vehicle! An intimidating looking “aircraft”, this vehicle holds a surprise for its enemies — it splits into two vehicles! The drone ship fires on incoming foes with one projectile and the Jedi ship fires on them with two. As two vehicles or as one, this is a lean, mean battling machine! Fit a droid in the droid socket and a figure in the cockpit (figures sold separately) and take control of this “intergalactic” vehicle to “blast off” for adventure!
Package converts to diorama.
Vehicle comes with missiles and instructions.
Ages 4 and

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