STAR WARS SITH Infiltrator Vehicle

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
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A Sith Infiltrator streaks through space to its destination. Hidden beneath the side panels and mounted on the wings are launchers that fire probe droids or missiles. The wings flare open, greatly increasing the craft’s speed and attack maneuverability. Darth Maul flies a Sith Infiltrator to the planet Tatooine to track down Queen Amidala.
Your "interplanetary" adventures are about to go seriously mobile! Your SITH Infiltrator vehicle is constructed to look just like the vehicle in the epic Star Wars movie! It’s sized just right for a Star Wars figure (sold separately) to sit in the cockpit. And it’s armed to the teeth for major "dogfights!" The wings spring open at the touch of the button underneath. When you convert it from cruising mode to attack mode by pulling the fuselage halves apart, the vehicle’s hidden weapons are revealed! Adjust the landing gear for landing and takeoff. Load the missiles into the launchers on the wings and under the fuselage halves, and when enemies close in to attack, press the buttons to fire! Grab your SITH Infiltrator vehicle and start your own epic!
Vehicle comes with missiles and instructions.
Ages 4 and up.

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