Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Action Mask

Ages: 4 years and up
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What do a wandering outlaw, a blaster-toting raccoon, a humanoid tree, a green-skinned female assassin, and a vengeance-seeking superhuman warrior have in common?
Not much.
Except that the fate of the galaxy rests in their hands . . . and paws . . . and, um, branches.
When Peter Quill (he calls himself "Star-Lord") steals a mysterious orb, he becomes the center of a galaxy-wide manhunt. Joined by a group of like-minded (for now) misfits, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, and Drax, Star-Lord sets out the universe!
Oh, and they call themselves . . .
"The Guardians of the Galaxy!"
You Control The Action . . . And The Attitude:
Star-Lord gets a lot of attention, but everyone knows the one member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who has the looks is Rocket Raccoon. Well now you can experience what it's like to play the part of the most handsome member of the universe's most amazing team of heroes (or whatever). Slip this mask on and head out on your next adventure with the confidence, attitude, and straight up good looks of the one, the only Rocket Raccoon.
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The Most Expressive of Creatures:
This mask does more than let you look like everyone's favorite blaster-toting woodland scavenger. It also lets you control the manly jaw, which moves the expressive ears and compelling eyebrows of the infamous Rocket Raccoon. Just move your mouth while wearing it to reproduce the amazing expressions of your favorite hairy hero. Imagine yourself recreating all of the best Guardians of the Galaxy adventures – or at least the parts that involved Rocket Raccoon making some kind of awesome facial expression.
Bad Attitude Not Included.
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-Moving mouth, eyebrows, and ears
-You control the action by moving your jaw
-Fits ages 5 and up
• Ages 5 and up

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