Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Nova Corps Starblaster Vehicle

Ages: 4 years and up
Item: A7893
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CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.

Product Description:

What do a wandering outlaw, a blaster-toting raccoon, a humanoid tree, a green-skinned female assassin, and a vengeance-seeking superhuman warrior have in common?
Not much.
Except that the fate of the galaxy rests in their hands. . . and paws. . . and, um, branches.
When Peter Quill (he calls himself "Star-Lord") steals a mysterious orb, he becomes the center of a galaxy-wide manhunt. Joined by a group of like-minded (for now) misfits, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, and Drax, Star-Lord sets out to save the universe!
Oh, and they call themselves . . .
"The Guardians of the Galaxy!"
Patrol the Stars With the Nova Corps:
The Nova Corps are more than just space cops. They're a powerful force for justice, order, and peace across known space. Like law enforcement everywhere, they are also known for piloting the fastest, most cool looking vehicles. The Starblaster gets the Nova Corps pilot where he needs to be at hyperspeeds, and looking awesome, with the wings retracted in cruise mode. When things get serious and the Nova Corps needs to bring the heat, the wings extend into battle mode. Who wouldn't want to show up to a space fight in this baby?
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Upgrade to Take on Crime Across the Galaxy:
And, of course, there's the battle gear. Sure, the Nova Corps has some of the most advanced hand weapons anywhere, but can they mount a giant cannon or a neutrino deflector on that helmet of theirs? No, they cannot. Once again, the Starblaster wins, with multiple locations for attaching the weapons and battle gear. When it comes to dispensing justice anywhere in the universe, you need to bring some serious cannons.
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-Wings extend for battle
-Upgrade with the included battle gear
-Includes working projectile launcher
-Included Nova Pilot figure is ready to bust some bad guys
• Ages 4 and up.
• Adult assembly required. No tools needed.

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