KRE-O Transformers Age of Extinction Optimus Prime Dino Hauler Set

Ages: AGES 6 TO 12
Item: A7796
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Product Description:

Build your own robot-dino Transformers adventures with the Optimus Prime Dino Hauler Set! With the 275 pieces in this set, you can build an enormous Optimus Prime Dino Hauler truck and a dino with a swinging tail! Your Autobot Ratchet KREON can man the gun on his back and send him charging after your Vehicon KREONS. Will the Vehicons be able to turn the tide on the raging dino with their blasters, or will they be knocked flat with a sweep of his deadly tail? It's all up to you!

Set includes 275 pieces and instructions.

Product Features:
·Build a Dino Hauler flatbed truck with the Optimus Prime Dino Hauler set
·Includes pieces for Autobot Ratchet, Autobot Driver, and 2 Vehicon KREONS
·Dino's whipping tail can take down Vehicon KREONS
·Dinobot figure fits in flatbed
·Autobot Driver Kreon fits in the cab

Ages 6 to 12 years
Product does not convert.
Product contains magnet.

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