Jenga Tetris

Ages: 8 YEARS & UP
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Two famous brands join up for a modern twist on the stacking game you know and love. Build the Jenga tower using colorful Tetris blocks that add flare and fun to this familiar game. Get ready for laughs and surprises as you take turns pulling out a Tetris-shaped block and balancing it on top without making the stack crash! This game is easy to learn and can be played with a group or by yourself. But watch out! The Jenga Tetris game is so much fun it can be habit forming!

Let your imagination run wild! Challenge friends to invent new ways to play this colorful and exciting stacking game. You can also play solo as you try to beat your own record of building the tallest tower. The Jenga Tetris game can be played by our rules, or you can make up your own. Stack it high, build it wide, remove the loosest block or risk pulling out a block with a tighter fit. Gaps are okay in this Jenga game, but fill in a level completely and you’ll get to pick the next player. Whatever way you play, this is the ultimate block-stacking, tower-crashing game! How does your skill stack up?

Includes: 47 Jenga Tetris blocks and instructions.

The ultimate block party game
Challenge your friends or play solo
Jenga and Tetris join forces in this awesome building game
Exciting, suspenseful fun
Easy set up

Ages 8 and up
For 1 or more players

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