Jenga Boom

Ages: 6 YEARS & UP
Item: A2028
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Product Description:

The excitement and suspense build as the timer ticks down! Can you stack your block before the tower Booms? With Jenga Boom, play against your friends, and race the clock to finish your turn before the seconds run out and your tower comes crashing down! It’s an explosively good time!

Show off your speed, skill, and strategy!
Pull the fuse cord out and go, go, go! Once the timer starts ticking, you have to spot the perfect block to pull, and then stack it on top of the tower – fast! If you hesitate or pick the wrong spot, the blocks tumble everywhere, the tower is history, and you’re out. See if you can beat the Boom and have the nerve to keep that tower standing! Don’t be the one to crash the Jenga Boom party!

Includes 36 hardwood Jenga blocks, toy detonator, stacking sleeve with instructions.


Toy detonator gets your heart racing!
Check out the fuse and the ticking mechanical timer.
The Explosive JENGA Tower!
Start the timer, and stack the blocks on top of the tower— fast!
The platform drops and the blocks fly.
Exciting, suspenseful action!
Speed, skill, and strategy keep you in the game.
Challenge yourself or play with your friends.

Ages 6 and up.

1+ players

Actual product does not explode.

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