Ages: 6 YEARS & UP
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Attack the tower
With this intense version of the classic CONNECT 4 game, even the most confident players will be challenged. Launch your discs into the tower and take down your opponent by being the first to sink four shots. For an even greater test of your speed and strategy, race to line up four discs in a row. You’ll have a blast with this rapid game with two levels of difficulty, but there is only room for one champion in this head-to-head shootout.

Bring it on!
Get ready to test your skill and speed with this fast-paced version of the classic CONNECT 4 game. Develop your strategy for your disc launcher placement and slam-dunk your discs directly into the game tower. Be prepared for a head-to-head shootout with your opponent as you master the rapid-fire action. Keep collecting and shooting discs until you sink four discs to win a round. Winner of three rounds wins the game or you can amp up the action and win instantly by placing 4 discs in a row! Do you have what it takes to be the champion?

Ready, set, launch!
It takes strategy and speed to go head-to-head with your opponent as you aim and fire your discs into the CONNECT 4 tower. Develop strategic locations for your disc launcher and master the rapid-fire action in order to bring down your opponent in this intense game of CONNECT 4 DUNK. The tower’s release lever lets you collect your discs easily and quickly for continued rapid fire. A handy scoring marker is built right into the disc launcher. Win three rounds for the long win or get four discs in a row for an instant win.

Includes 5 red discs, 5 gold discs, tower, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 launchers, 2 funnels, release lever, and label sheet.

• Tower structure amps up the need for speed and strategy in this challenging version of the classic CONNECT 4 game!
• Individual disc launchers provide quick release for fast-paced action!
• Defeat your opponent by winning three rounds or win instantly by getting four discs in a row into the tower!
• Tower is easy to set up and comes with stickers for decorating.
• Remove the funnel from the top of the tower for an even bigger challenge!



Ages 6 and up.

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