Baby Alive Better Now Baby

Ages: 3 YEARS & UP
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Your little girl will love feeling like a real mommy when caring for her Baby Alive doll. She'll fall in love with the adorable look of her sweet new baby doll, and the nurturing play will engage her. All she has to do is press the button on the Better Now Baby doll's bracelet to start the fun. Baby's cheeks light up to show mommy she's not feeling well, and then she'll say what's bothering her.

Is it a tummy ache, the sniffles or a boo-boo? Lucky for your little girl, Better Now Baby doll tells her exactly what hurts so that she can give baby a checkup and help her feel better! She speaks English and Spanish and has a handful of pretend symptoms. Your little girl can use the 6 fun, doctor-themed accessories to diagnose and treat them. Taking care of baby is a fun surprise.

Doll, outfit, bandage sticker sheet, pretend syringe, medicine spoon, medicine bottle, stethoscope, thermometer and instructions.

Press the Button on Her Bracelet
She Speaks English and Spanish
6 Doctor-themed Accessories Are Included
Cheeks Dim When Baby Feels Better
Help Her Feel All Better


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