BABY ALIVE BABY ALL GONE African American Doll

Ages: 3 & Up
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It's snack time for your BABY ALL GONE doll and she's hungry for her favorite food -- "bananas"! Put the "bananas" in the spoon accessory and "feed" them to your adorable little friend. She'll "eat" them all up and make them "disappear" just like a good baby should! She's also got lots to "say" about her meal, like "Bananas are yummy!" and "Where did it go?" You'll know she's had her "fill" and ready to play some more because your baby doll will even tell you "Thank you!" And, since there's no mess to clean up, you can cuddle and play with your little one right away!
Doll comes with outfit and "magic bananas", spoon, bowl and sippy cup accessories.
Includes 3 "AAA" batteries.
Ages 3 and up.

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