Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Sling Action Spider-Man Figure

Ages: 3-7 Years
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Playskool Heroes is the big-boy brand for little hands, and the popular Masters of KaPow figures are always ready for action! You can let your imagination go wild and create lots of exciting super hero adventures in which you're inspired to become a hero. Get ready for fun and figure-play as you team up with this large-scale Spider-Man figure.
Imagine Saving the Day With Playskool Heroes Masters of Kapow Sling Action Spider-Man:
Express your inner super hero and help train Spider-Man. This Spider-Man figure has major punching action that gets going with a simple twist of his legs. You can pretend that you're training along with him as he learns how to save the day, and create imaginative scenes as you help him train to become one of the Masters of KaPow. The figure's oversized hands are soft plush, so they're perfect for a little hero's playtime.
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10-Plus Phrases and Web-Slinging Sounds:
Pretend that the power of the web-slinger is yours as you team up with the fearless Spider-Man action figure. Watch as he expresses his crime-fighting skills with 10-plus phrases and web-slinging sounds. Twist his legs to trigger phrases such as "Here's web in your eye!" or "What else you got?" The figure will say phrases that let you know you're doing great, such as "Wahoo," and if there's a pause in the action, the figure will call you back with, "Hey buddy, where'd you go?"
Fun Figure Play:
This large-scale Spider-Man action figure with moveable arms and legs is 9 inches tall, and just right for little hands. When you move his legs back and forth, his large, plush fists get into smashing action, and he'll deliver 10-plus phrases and web-slinging sounds.
Includes: Spider-Man figure and instructions (inside flap).
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• Ages 3 to 7
• Requires 2 x 1.5v AA alkaline batteries. Only demo batteries included.

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