Furby Furbling Creature (Orange and Blue Diagonal Stripes)

Ages: AGES 6+
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Product Description:

A whole new generation of Furby creatures is about to hatch, and they need you to take care of them! This Furblings creature has a mind of its own, but it needs your love and care. You won't do it alone, though, because it will share a special connection with your Furby Boom creature (sold separately). Put the two of them together and watch as your Furblings creature talks -- and your Furby Boom creature answers! Raise your little Furblings baby right and have loads of fun doing it!

You can also download a free app and unlock a virtual Furblings creature to add to your collection. Get virtual eggs and hatch and raise your Furblings on your mobile device (sold separately)! The Furby app is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 5.0 or later. The app is not compatible with prior Furby generations. Check Furby.com for device compatibility.

Includes one Furblings creature and instructions.

Product Features:
·Furblings creature is the next generation of Furby creatures
·Furblings creature responds to your Furby Boom creature (sold separately)
·The free Furby app lets you hatch and raise virtual Furblings
·Play a virtual version of your Furblings creature in the app

Ages 6 and up
Includes 3 "A76" batteries.

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